Join us for some Exciting First 2 Weeks Events!

First 2 Weeks - 2014 - for web

Countdown to Fall 2014 at MWSU!

Hey! Thanks for checking out our website! We are looking forward to an exciting new fall semester coming really soon, so be checking back here and on our social media tabs for all of the happenings!

If you’re a freshmen this year at MWSU, look for our booth at organization fairs at the start of the semester. We’ll have one during your Griffon Edge orientation, one at Western Warm-up (Monday, 8/25 from 11-1), and one at the Finding Faith fair (Wednesday, 8/27 from 11-1). We’ll have some giveaways, and it’ll be an opportunity for you to meet a few of our student leaders!

We believe that college can be some of the most exciting and rewarding times in the life of a follower of Christ! There is no better time to be fully devoted to Him, but there is perhaps no other time in your life that will be as challenging. You need friends who love Jesus to help you live for Him during these exciting 4 years! Plan now to look us up when you get to campus and get involved!

Our First Momentum of the semester will be Thursday, August 28th at 7pm at the BSU (right across Mitchell Ave. from the main entrance to campus), just a 7 minute walk from the residence halls!

And by the way, this group is not just for Baptists! We are students from a variety of Christian denominations, but we are proud to be supported by the Saint Joseph Baptist Association and the Missouri Baptist Convention of the Southern Baptist Convention.





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